Platinum Lifetime

180.00 AUD

Package Description

Current benefits of Platinum Lifetime on the OzziGaming Survival server include:

VaultPlus and Garage Slots included

• Home timer from 10 seconds to 4 seconds

• Ability to have 10 claimed beds for multiple /homes

• Bigger vault space from 6 x 5 (30 spaces)  to 15 x 15 (225 spaces, Same as VaultPlus as well as VaultPlus, 2 x 15 x 15 Vaults) 

• Ability to run a random feast every 15 minutes with /frun 

• Ability to run a randomly dropped airdrop every 15 minutes with /airdrop 

• Ability to /heal every 4 minutes (Especially good if you're about to die to hunger and starvation).

• Ability to /Day every 1 hour

• Ability to /Night every 12 hours

• Bonus $80000 bucks in-game currency to spend on the /shop

$500 Bucks every 20 minutes rather than the standard $100 bucks

• Platinum rank in the Discord Server

• Special coloured name in-game to show off your support for the server

• And any future plugins / commands that are added

 10 minute /kit Platinum


• 6 hour /kit buildPlatinum as well as access to the normal 24 hour /kit build (2 build kits)